About us

The N.SKIADOPOULOS S.A is the largest company of paints for buildings - cars - furniture - boats, insulation and waterproofing materials, tools in Corfu.

Our experience comes from a 40-year activity and continuity in the field of color, our love for everything related to color as well as our continuous education & training from the big companies with which we work in Greece and abroad.


Variety of products & quality


Expertise & Style


Speed of service & unbeatable prices

Our company

Our company N.SKIADOPOULOS S.A was founded by Nikos Skiadopoulos as a sole proprietorship in 1965 in a small store of just 35 sq.m. at 42 Alexandras Avenue.

In 1968 we moved to a larger store of 90 sq.m. at 16 Mantzarou street. In 1980 this space was not enough for the needs of the company and for this reason we moved to A. Marmora street 4 in a store of 190 sq.m. The company then took on a corporate form and employed a total of 5 staff members.

In 1990 we moved to our privately owned facilities in Ethn. Lefkimis 26 area Pagrateika before the Airport, in a store with a total area of 700 sq.m. with private parking. In 2001 we were transformed from O.E. in S.A.

The CEO of the company is Spyros Nick Skiadopoulos.



Ethn. Lefkimis 26, Pagrateika area
Corfu, 49100

Phone Number

2661 0 37125 / 2661 0 47076

Fax : 2661 0 39076