About us

N. SKIADOPOULOS S.A. is the largest company of paints for buildings - cars - furniture - boats, insulation, sealing materials and tools in Corfu.
What we do

The main activity of the company is the sale of paints for all kinds of needs (home, cars, boats, swimming pools, etc.) with modern materials and systems (modern paint mixing machines, spectrograph and software for finding color shades, etc.) that ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


However, in recent years our company has evolved and developed in other areas as well:

  • Waterproofing and thermal insulation
    of buildings.
  • Tools for all kinds of work and
    spare parts.
  • Sophisticated materials for floors
  • Protective gear – professional
  • Car paint and care products
  • Home appliances
  • Professional and industrial
Γιατί εμάς

We do business with honesty and transparency:

Our company, N. Skiadopoulos SA has established itself in Corfu as a synonym for color. Not only the know-how, the high quality of service, the respect towards our partners and the value for money have contributed to this result, but also the social contribution of the company to the island of Corfu through various donations and actions.

Highlighting the cultural heritage of the island of Corfu is a large part of the company’s social responsibility and identity.
An example of such actions is the catalytic contribution of the company’s managing director, Spyros Skiadopoulos, to the creation of the historical traditional shades of the old town of Corfu, where, in collaboration with public bodies, the faithful reproduction of the colors was achieved and they are now available as landmark shades in the majority of paint companies operating in Greece.

Great experience For over 50 years we have been offering solutions and suggestions for every type of application
Top quality The variety and quality of our products, the service and reliability of our team, make us a leader in our field
Cooperation with the largest Companies We cooperate with over 200 Greek and international companies active in Greece and abroad
A variety of products We are proud to offer the largest variety of products on the market at the best prices on the market
Creativity Our mission is to empower people to create, protect and beautify their environment by distributing materials and solutions that have a positive impact on everyone's lives, the economy and provide quality of life and performance.
Growth To develop a responsible business based on the principles of trust, respect, honesty and integrity among our partners.
Innovative Solutions The company's mission has remained unchanged over time and is to sell materials to provide innovative customized solutions to consumers.
Vision To contribute to the sustainability, aesthetics and economy of our island as the leading choice in paints, tools and innovative materials for every building, home, marine and automotive application.